The Killing of Frank Sulloways “Born to Rebel”

A gramscian prelude In my critique of Anders Ehnmark’s Antonio Gramsci, one of the passages I criticize is where Ehnmark seems to disregard the influence class background has on peoples thoughts: “It is ironic how an author can first write about Gramsci that “He does not believe that the class thinks within a man. One … More The Killing of Frank Sulloways “Born to Rebel”

Casa Gramsci

A few years back I was so lucky as to have an excuse to visit Casa Gramsci – the Gramsci Museum at Gramscis childhood home in Gilharza, Sardinia. Below I am happy to present som pictures from the Museum. be sure to visit if you have the occation. The author outside Casa Gramsci. Left: Plaque … More Casa Gramsci